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Groundwater management in Denmark

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High quality drinkwater is an important Earth Resource, but global change, in terms of climate, energy needs, population, agriculture under such change will put considerable stress on fresh-water supplies. Denmark provides a unique case because of a clear formulation of governmental objectives, the appropriate definition and involvement of the various stakeholders, the collection of high quality data such as Airborne EM data, the specific nature of geological heterogeneity, and the general desire to do it the “right” way: leveraging science and community involvement into a sustainable future water supply. Our project in collaboration with scientist in Denmarks looks at how decision analysis, uncertainty quantification and the assessment of data collection methods can help local authorities in the management of the system, balancing needs for water vs protecting the environment. Jef Caers Celine Scheidt Troels Vilhelmsen 
Book: Quantifying Uncertainty in Subsurface Systems