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Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Peter Achtziger

Geological Sciences

Peter Achtziger-Zupančič received his Diploma of Engineering in Hydrogeology (MSc equivalent) from TU Berlin (Germany) in 2010 and worked in the execution and design of hydraulic, hydro-mechanical, pneumatic and tracer experiments in radioactive disposal research in Switzerland, France and Germany (2008-2012). From 2012-2017 he worked as a research assistant and post-doctoral researcher at ETH Zurich (Switzerland). In his PhD research he analyzed large hydraulical data sets on a local to global scale to gain insights in controlling factors of the distribution of hydrogeological parameters in crystalline rock in the upper 2000 m of the Earth's crust. In 2017 he joined SCERF group to explore new methods to assess and visualize uncertainty in mining. Research in hard rock hydrogeology, hydro-mechanics, radioactive disposal remain of interest.