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Word cloud characterizing research as a broad spectrum

Our research has a broad spectrum, but key ingredients are the applied nature, aiming for practical impact, at the same time relying on foundational development in data scientific methods. Our publication list provides an overview of the various academic contributions. In addition, we work closely with Earth Resources companies and government entities to define specific collaborative sponsored projects. Some recent company projects are listed below as well as our current student research topics.

Word cloud characterizing research as a broad spectrum
  • Groundwater management in Denmark (Danish Government)
  • Production planning for a structurally complex reservoir in Libya (Wintershall)
  • Reservoir appraisal for a deep-water turbidite reservoir from seismic data in West Africa (Hess)
  • Designing uranium contaminant remediation in the USA (SE3)
  • Big data predictive analytics for optimizing shale reservoirs (Anadarko, Repsol, NGI)
  • Assessment of low-enthalpy geothermal systems for heating buildings (Belgian government)
  • A strategy for rapid & realistic forecasting of reservoir performance using process-based models (ENI)
  • Direct forecasting and uncertainty updating at the appraisal stage without building new models (Chevron)
  • Implicit dynamic uncertainty for automation of data fusion & prediction in mineral resources evaluation and planning (BHP)
  • Multiple-point geostatistics and bayesian evidential learning for gas reservoir management (Edison)

Examples of student research topics